John Hourigan in the Media on Australian Immigration Matters

5 June 2022 Canberra businesses look abroad to patch labour shortages  

7 May 2021 'Goodbye, Australia': The migrants giving up on the Australian dream for Canada

3 July 2020 Settlement Guide: Love and partner visas in the time of COVID-19

 11 May 2020 - Migrants in Australia face months of separation from family after being denied exemptions to travel bans

3 January 2020 - ‘Underclass of permanently temporary migrants’: Concerns about Australia’s new regional visas

2 November 2019 - $80 million spent so far on new visa system: Home Affairs

2 October 2019  - Visa privatisation poses too much risk, industry warns

26 August 2019 - More Hong kongers look to move to Australia amid growing political unrest

23 August 2019 - Permanent migrant intake set for another cut under Coalition, according to experts

20 August 2019 - How Home Affairs made millions by rejecting foreign workers

13 January 2019 - Corrupt migration agents swindling 'desperate' customers face crackdown


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